Kopi Habit

It’s a new year, the blog has been quiet for the last one year. I thought I should share some observation, or should I say self-realisation.

Realisation 1:I have a cuppa every morning if I m at work. But over the last one and half week, as I stayed home to take care of 2 of my unwell kids, I hardly have a chance to venture out to get my kopi. Also, previously, when over  the weekend, if I missed my kopi, I will suffer from migraine. As I thought about it last 2 days, without really thinking about it, I survived last week without my usual coffee habit and I did not suffer from the withdrawal side effects! So should I say, it has really been my mind playing tricks on me?

Realisation 2:

I have always been a kopi or kopi-c person.  Yesterday as I went out for house visitation, I couldn’t resist the temptation to reach out for a cup when coffee was served. Beggers not choosers, there was only kopi-o, I settled for that anyway. Surprisingly, the kopi-o tasted really good! I could really do without the milk after all. But old habits die hard. This morning, on my way to office, I stopped by my usual coffee place and ordered a kopi-c instead. Frankly, I dun think i miss it that much, but I know, for some reason, I will still stick to it, at least for a while.

Happy new year everyone!


Some Thoughts

Just come back from holiday in Japan. And I have to say I’m really impressed with the civic-mindedness of the Japanese. Not that I don’t know about that, it’s just that after coming back to our homeland, the difference between the 2 countries’ standards is just too great that I have to comment.
Some nice things I wish we could have here in our hometown:
(1) Orderly queueing up at places (getting on the MRT’s escalators, standing in line to get onto the trains at the platforms);
(2) Putting on their masks when they are sick/down with flu;

Other examples of good experience with the lot of them include:
(1) excellent service with a smail (& a bow);
(2) never experienced any unpleasant snorts/”tsk tsk” – tempers especially when you got into their path/way

I just can’t help comparing the 2 nations’ people behaviours.
As we all know by now, (some) people here rushed into trains without even waiting for others to get off first, never give up seats to others who need them more, rushed and cut queue to get onto the mrt escalator (do the few seconds they save by cutting Q that important, if so, why don’t they get up a few minutes earlier to get to work??). You’re also bound to hear some “tsk tsk tsk” if you got in their way/path.
Both countries are known to be a fast paced nation, but why then is one nation a more civic-minded lot than the other? Sigh… no wonder sometimes you hear people commenting that we are a “ot so pretty” lot of people. Can’t blame them…

OK, enough of ramblings. In any case, it was a fun trip, without the kids. Went to Disneyland, Disneysea, reliving our childhood. Ha!
Had a lot of great food too! Not much shopping done though as the prices are way too high and given the current economic uncertainty, it’s definitely more prudent to be thrifty.


This too Shall Pass…

ok, i was reading the papers last week, and realise that our very own VP is going to have his film showcased in the Singapore film festival this Apr.  This mandarin documentary film is called “This too Shall Pass” – more details can be found here:


let’s see if we can go support his film? maybe it’s a good chance for us to understand what each other work is all about 🙂



What’s up?

Folks, how is everyone? What are you pple doing these days..Strange thing, while we have met not too long ago, it just feels like it has been a while since I last got in touch with you guys.
Hope life has been good for you.


new year, new habit

While being envious of someone‘s disciplined exercise regime (yes, he tells everyone he is not in it to race in a trialathlon someday, but who knows? 😛 )  I know that I’m not one to be able to keep to such schedules (yes, years of unfulfilled resolutions have sunk in… finally)

But there is however one habit that i do hope to “modify” this year. And that is, to stop putting ideas, thoughts (and friends) in mental boxes, to stop being judgemental (like placing new ideas in old boxes), to mixes the boxes, to embrace greyness.

Facebook was a step in that direction since i had old friends, new friends, colleagues, ex-colleagues all in the same page! Woe behold if these different boxes of people suddenly communicated with each other and my life would be an open book for all to read. But, I survived…

Some (ok, a few) of you might also know that I used to write a blog (which as with all fads fade away with time). Some friends read it to keep in touch with my mental state (hmmm…) while others choose to text me whenever some  headlines flash across the news about the uncertainties in this country. I am forever grateful for all angels in my path.

In line with all of these, I have decided to start twittering! This takes the strain (or laziness) out of writing a whole blog entry, allows me a separate form of expression, and opens boxes.

Let’s see how the baby step works in the new year.
Wish me luck as I embrace the new world.

Follow me tweet here.


New Year Resolutions

I asked a friend,  what are your new year resolutions?

He replied ” 1028 x 728″ – eh, he is doing IT, and that is just his “funny” joke, he is talking about computer resolution.

2009 – a brand new year.  So what are my resolutions?

I usually don’t set mine, even if I set, it would be very general ones.

So mine will be to continue keeping fit and healthy, to learn more things and to be happy 🙂

Quite simple.

I’m taking up a 12-week basic digital photography starting from next week, should be fun and something I always wanted to do.

Hoping to learn a new swimming stroke in 2009.

Maintaining my 2 x 5km jog / 1 x badminton / 2 x swims per week and my occasional table tennis games.

A friend sms me the the other day – asking me to keep blogging – yes, I have been writing  own blog since 2005, and should continue in the foreseeable future (but nothing is eternal).

My company has announced a global restructuring plan – I’m not sure if I will be affected.  In any case, I have already told myself that I can always go for my long-wanted trip to South America.

New Year.  New Hopes.

What are yours?



Welcome 2009!

It’s the first day of the new year. I have wanted to post something along the line of new year resolution but was too busy to get around doing that.

2008, has been a very eventful year, with the passed on of 2 close relatives(especially my uncle), a new addition to my family, quite a number of problems in maids, drastic changes in financial standing among other things. And I am glad I survived. But of course, I am aware that there are going to be tougher times ahead as well. It doesn’t mean that when the clock struck at midnight, all the problems just dissipated. I am fully aware that things are still more or less the same.

My 2 kids have been down with HFMD/Chicken pox(strange, even doctors cant tell me what it is). Good thing, Dillon was discharged yesterday, otherwise my new year’s even will really be spent in the hospital. I admire my sister . She has 3 boys, my parents didn’t really help them much and the 3 kids often take turns to fall sick. Some times they will be vommitting in the middle of the night etc. So tough. How did she survive and have the courage to have 3 kids!

As we grow older, we became lazier or we plan ahead a lot lot more. Some of u might know that I was hoping to find some company to go out and perhaps do some count down together. Obviously, I cancel my plan as response was lousy. Head for the pillow instead, haha..

To think about it, I guess there is nothing new or big tat I am looking forward to in the new year. Instead, sometimes, I feel that it grips me with fear. Not sure what is installed ahead for us, be it good or bad. Instead, I choose to live one day at a time, not wanting to think too far ahead these days. Pessimism? Dun think so, think it is perhaps a practical way for me to cope with life.

But, I still wish that you all have something more to look forward to. And we should all rejoice since we have a little new addition to our council family on this very special day!

Happy New Year 19SC!